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Marble Countertops – A Classic Choice for Millennia

Favored by ancient Greek and Roman architects, marble has represented a tradition of refined culture for thousands of years, that tradition epitomized by the Parthenon perched high above Athens within the promontory of the Acropolis. Of course the Taj Mahal, commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and clad entirely in marble, is another wondrous example of historic buildings revered worldwide for their elegant beauty and innovative use of marble.

Today, marble remains a prominent choice for grand public buildings as well as residences around the world. Prized for its soft buttery sheen and stunning combinations from creamy whites to bold hues, marble imbues interiors with visual and textural qualities that are unique among natural stones.

Marble countertops and surfaces are a wonderful choice for an array of design goals, and many of our clients have chosen it for countertops, islands, and decorative surfaces. Plus, current worldwide sources of marble provide today’s homeowners with a more diverse range of colors from pure white to gray, greige (beige + gray), cream brown, green, and even some rich blacks.

Some Factors to Keep In Mind When Considering Marble Countertops

Although marble is an inherently softer and more porous stone than granite, quartzite, and engineered quartz, it can be durable when maintained properly. Initially, marble should be cleaned and sealed thoroughly immediately after installation. Your Affinity Stoneworks installation team will perform those important final steps. Afterward, marble needs to be cleaned and resealed about once a year — sometimes more frequently depending on how your marble countertops and surfaces are used and unless initially sealed with industry approved applications — some lasting as long as 20 years.

When sealed properly, marble is resistant to stains caused by spills. However, it can be etched by acidic liquids such as vinegar and citrus juices, as well as highly-alkaline fluids such as Clorox, and even some acidic elements of water. Any spills should be removed promptly with a soft, absorbent, clean cloth or paper towel. Don’t press or scrub. Allow the cloth or paper towel to absorb the spill, replacing the cloth or towel with fresh ones until the spill has been absorbed completely. Follow with a white cloth or paper towel dampened with filtered water. Finally, dry the affected area gently.

Marble is scratch resistant, but hard objects such as knives and other utensils can scratch it. Use a cutting board versus slicing or dicing food directly on your marble countertops.

One Stop Solutions for a Rare Remodeling Experience

Among our hand-picked inventory of marble slabs, you’ll find exquisite colors and patterns. Then, exploring our extensive on-site collections of tiles, hardware, sinks, cabinets, trims, corbels and accessories, you can choose complementing components to bring your entire vision into sharp focus. At each step, your Affinity Stoneworks Design/Sales Consultant will help, will ask and answer questions, make suggestions and share ideas. And once you’ve made your choices, our expert fabrication and installation teams will bring your choices to life in the form of beautiful results.

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