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Granite Countertops – New Offerings More Beautiful Than Ever!

Ah, granite. Once the most in-demand natural stone for countertops and work surfaces, more recent natural and engineered stones — especially quartzite and quartz — have led the remodeling market for several years. An array of factors caused this shift in popularity.

Beautiful slabs of quartzite and quartz offered a fresh palette of colors and patterns that were perceived as being “cleaner, fresher, and more modern” than previous offerings of granite. And while current quartzite and quartz slabs continue to provide those clean, fresh and modern characteristics, new granite offerings are gaining popularity again as the design community re-embraces richer, more vibrant combinations of pattern and color.

That renewed popularity isn’t so surprising. Today’s granite offerings are among the most beautiful and amazing stones we’ve ever seen. The expansive array of colors is stunning and the patterns imparted by Mother Nature vary from rather subdued to jaw-dropping. Add the inherent durability of granite — plus its hardness and low maintenance given the introduction of better and longer lasting sealing products — and granite should be on your radar as a fine choice for your new countertops.

Some Factors to Keep In Mind When Considering Granite Countertops

While you can place a hot pan directly on a granite countertop and granite just shrugs it off, there are a few caveats:

Diamond will scratch granite so ice sculpting with a diamond chisel is a no-no. Also, hard heavy objects, such as an iron skillet that’s dropped or dragged across a granite countertop, can chip or abrade the surface. Obviously, that precludes engaging in any raucous anvil tossing contests indoors. And like all natural stone countertops, you should never stand on granite countertops. Natural stone is a crystalline material that can crack when enough concentrated weight is applied.

Otherwise, granite countertops require little maintenance. Clean and seal them about once a year and they’ll last a lifetime.

One Stop Solutions for a Rare Remodeling Experience

You’ll find exquisite colors and patterns among our hand-picked inventory of granite slabs. Then, exploring our extensive on-site collections of tiles, hardware, sinks, cabinets, trims, corbels and accessories, you can choose complementing components to bring your entire vision into sharp focus. At each step, your Affinity Stoneworks Design/Sales Consultant will help, will ask and answer questions, make suggestions and share ideas. And once you’ve made your choices, our expert fabrication and installation teams will bring your choices to life in the form of beautiful results.

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