Our Response to Coronavirus

To Our Clients, Visitors, Colleagues and Friends,

Your trust in Affinity Stoneworks has always been and will always be a top priority for us. Now, given the evolving challenges of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are responding diligently and we want you to know how.

1. CDC Guidelines: We’re following and will continue to adhere to the updated guidelines set out by the CDC per this link, CDC’s COVID-19 Coronavirus Guidelines. Plus, we’re specifically augmenting those guidelines with the following policies and procedures:

2. Business Hours: Affinity has never required appointments to visit our showroom/design center except for after hours client appointments scheduled well in advance. HOWEVER, IN ORDER TO PROMOTE “SOCIAL DISTANCING” FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL, we believe it’s prudent, at this time, until further notice and except for our team members who’re committed to #3 and 4, that ALL VISITORS TO OUR FACILITY WILL NEED TO BE SCHEDULED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Also until further notice, PUBLIC ATTENDANCE WITHIN OUR SHOWROOM/DESIGN CENTER WILL BE LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 4 PEOPLE OR 2 “COUPLES” AT A TIME. This doesn’t mean you can’t call ahead of your desired arrival time and be welcomed. We aren’t a typical retail business with crowds of people at all hours of the day, BUT WE STILL REQUEST A CALL AHEAD OF YOUR INTENDED ARRIVAL.

3. Team Screening: All of our team members, including my husband Carleton and me, will be screened prior to entering our facility each morning. The screening will include passing a temperature check as well as affirming no known or suspected symptoms exist for each team member AND within their household. We have all agreed to self-quarantine should we be unable to meet those standards.

4. Before doing ANYTHING else, whenever any team member, subcontractor, or vendor enters or re-enters our building during the day, they will be required to wash their hands per CDC guidelines.

5. Nitrile Gloves: We will request that all clients and visitors wear nitrile gloves while in our facility. We’ll provide the gloves and they can be disposed of at the exit. This will allow for additional peace of mind while handling our product samples.

6. Symptoms: Anyone entering the facility who appears to be ill or symptomatic will be asked to reschedule their visit to a later date, or make other arrangements that won’t compromise their or anyone else’s health and safety.

7. Subcontractor Coordination: We will obtain affirmation, in accordance with #1 and #3 above, from all subcontractors on the morning of any day they are scheduled to be in our clients’ homes. Should re-scheduling be necessary, we ask for upfront understanding among all parties. Affinity has more than one qualified sub-contractor in each major sector of services, and all in-progress projects are currently proceeding on schedule, but we ARE limited.

8. Showroom/Design Center: Affinity’s showroom/design center enjoys the fact that its workstation surfaces are natural or engineered stone that are easily cleaned and sanitized, and are second only to stainless steel for their inherent antiviral/antibacterial qualities. Nevertheless, all workstation surfaces, all door handles, keyboards, mice & monitor controls, toilet seats, and countertops, will continue to be cleaned daily with EPA-approved disinfectants.

We will continue to adapt our responses to Coronavirus as conditions require and update this post accordingly. Meanwhile, please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


Elizabeth Ellsworth
Owner/Lead Designer