Custom Cabinets

Range Run Custom Cabinets
Custom Hutch Cabinet
Custom Pantry Cabinet
Color photo of custom kitchen cabinets
Color photograph of transitional en suite bathroom featuring custom cabinets

Why We Offer Custom Cabinets

Scale? Workflow? Storage? Personal priorities matter.

In the “box cabinet” world, their solution starts and ends with self-limited components that are shoehorned into your space. True design isn’t self-limited. Custom cabinetry frees us to address function and form in ways that actually solve existing issues instead of putting lipstick on a pig.

Ultimately, choosing custom cabinets is no different than any other remodeling decision: is the value proposition positive?

Our clients say ‘yes!’ In fact, we’ve never done a kitchen or bath project for a client who, after completion, didn’t tell us they couldn’t bear to go back to standard box cabinets.

Visit our Cabinet Hardware page to learn more about our coordinated hardware offerings.

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